Jumat, 09 November 2012

The Exotic Insect Of Meratus

Exotic Insect of Meratus Indonesia- Any kind of insect of Meratus can be found at this forest. Some of them opportunity I documented. But some of them very difficult to shot by my pocket camera because the resolution is not enought to reach their.

This is some pict that I make to documented the Exotic Insect Of Meratus Indonesia, maybe in another time I will bring the good camera to shot more kind of insect at Meratus forest.

Rhinoceros bettle one of exotic insect from Meratus
This one I didn't knot what its name

The Exotic Insect of Meratus Indonesia
This one is  unique spider that I found behind the branches, it colours very awsome.

And this one is brown Butterfly is very cute but when I found, it already dead.
The death Butterfly
 The nice moment of grasshopper...
Grasshopper at Caladium leaf
 The last, this is not one of insect but their predator...

Thank you for your time...


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