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Singing Competition

Singing competition, as we see in almost every country has a singing talent search. Shows like The Voice and X Factor are two of the well-known talent in various countries and has been a voice talent who always received a positive response. The high enthusiastic participants who want to measure his ability in singing makes every singing competition is always festive. Among all the contestants certainly not all of them have the talent to be expected that as audition sometimes there are always funny things that make the jury and the audience laughed.
The VOice Auditions
The Voice Auditions, X Factor Indonesia

The voice auditions, menjadi sangat populer setelah banyak artis-artis dan bintang terlahir dari kompetisi tersebut. Sehingga sesi demi sesi peserta yang ingin mendaftarkan diri semakin bertambah. American idol adalah salah satu kontes menyanyi yang sangat terkenal dan telah menciptakan bintang-bintang baru. American Idol telah diadaptasi diberbagai negara salah satunya di Indonesia dengan nama Indonesian idol.

In Indonesia, my country, like x factor auditions singing and the voice has a favorite television show and attracted the attention of many viewers. Many new stars of the event-popping talent like this.

Profit auditioned for the contestants sing very large because in addition to having the opportunity to be a star, they also get a variety of training and experience and be able to measure the ability to sing well. Not a few contestants who did not manage to win the contest to get a record label has been publicly known because of his talent.

So if you feel has the talent to sing or have a good voice do not hesitate to try to follow the singing competition because there will be a lot of valuable experience and lessons that will you get


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